Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

Below are some of my lecture notes, typed in LaTeX.

Disclaimer: These notes are inspired by lectures given by the professors; however, I also try to use other sources and inject my own intuitions in them as I see fit. As such, any errors found are my own.

Measure Theory (PDF)

Complex Analysis (PDF)

Analytical Mechanics (PDF)

Abstract Algebra (PDF)

From the course MATH-UA 348 with Professor Fengbo Hang.

Real Analysis (PDF)

From the course MATH-UA 328 with Professor Jalal Shatah.

Linear Algebra (PDF)

From the course MATH-UA 140 with Professor Sylvia Serfaty.

Electricity and Magnetism (PDF)

From the course PHYS-UA 93 with Professor David W. Hogg.